Rockin' Wax Wraps

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A stylish way to help you ditch the plastic wrap, ziplock sandwich bags, and/or upgrade from tin foil. Sized  from 6" to 19" long, made from all natural food-grade materials (California bees wax, California pine resin, jojoba oil) and fabrics (Birch organic cotton, Morro Rock batik, and other fun cottons [No azo dyes ever!])

Simply use the warmth of your hands to fold your wrap over a bowl of leftovers, pack away half a fruit or veggie, or fold a pouch for your lunch/sandwich. Soiled wraps are easily cleaned with cool water and mild soap, reused, reused, reused, and eventually composted. Zero waste. Zero guilt. A fun gift for yourself and the planet! 

Small: 6" x 7 "

Cheese: 9" x 10"

Medium: 10" x 11"

Large: 13" x 14" 

Bread: 18" x 21"