Home Cleaning Powder - 1 Oz.

Home Cleaning Powder - 1 Oz.

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Circular Bodies Home Cleaning Powder is a powerful natural, organic cleaner in powder form. Ready for your washing machine, dishwasher, or dilution in a spray bottle to keep your whole home freshnaturally! 

How to use

For Washing machine/Dishwasher: 2 tbsp per load is enough. Sprinkle on top of the laundry load or use a dishwashing machine soap container. Wash in any cycle desired.

Multi purpose cleaner: Mix 1 tsp with 1 cup of warm water for a concentrated cleaner. Use in a spray bottle or dip a cleaning cloth in the mixture and use to clean floors, windows and surfaces. If too strong, add more water to the mixture. 

Organic saponified coconut oil, water, baking soda.

Made with love in California and delivered in compostable packaging.