March 18, 2020

It’s gift basket season!

Well, we can’t go out and mingle, but there’s still plenty of amusement to be had at home.

This season, feel free to call us up with a theme, budget, and local address, and we will make sure an elegant, funny, or themed box of goodies is delivered within a day or 2. With the lockdown in place, our many novelties will still be available to help you pass the time 🙂

(805) 225 1110

Just a few ideas are pictured below …

Welcome from Morro Bay’s one stop kitchen shop, specializing in warrantied, durable, handmade and biodegradable kitchen gadgets.

We have handmade pottery and cocktail sets for a summer house hostess gift.

We have grippers to preserve your hands and stoppers to preserve your ingredients.

We have foldable, expandable, multi-use gadgets to save you time, money, and precious space in your apartment.

Whoever you are, if you love food, we have something you’ve been needing…

And nothing you don’t.

We’re not just hawking jelly and pickles. We’re finding you the best tools to use again and again to make the perfect batch at home.